Town of Snow Hill…

Snow Hill is home to approximately 1,614 residents who enjoy the hidden treasurers of country-style living: fresh air, comfort, beautiful natural surroundings and a pace of life that’s hard to match. But Greenville, Kinston, Goldsboro, Wilson and Farmville are a quick trip away. North Carolina’s capitol, Raleigh, is within easy access, as are many of North Carolina’s famed ocean beaches.

Originally a community in central Greene County, the Town of Snow Hill was formed in approximately 1828. Snow Hill has a rich past from its settling families that have been here for generations to the rumor of the Town almost becoming the capital of North Carolina.  Snow Hill was originally a major trading depot on Contentnea Creek. At the time, Contentnea Creek was a main Wilson to New Bern trading artery. Contentnea Creek connects with the Neuse River in New Bern, the largest river in our state.

Snow Hill is the Greene County seat with roots that go back generations. It’s the kind of town where you’ll see people you know in restaurants and stores and can spend a moment talking with them. Or, you can enjoy nature along Contentea Creek or golf at one of the many nearby golf courses and country clubs.

Town of Hookerton…

Hookerton is a town in Greene County, North Carolina, United States. The population was 467 at the 2000 census. It is geographically located southwest of Snow Hill, NC on highway 123.  This small community was named after its landowner, William Hooker.

Presently, Billie Albritton acts as the economic developer for the Town of Hookerton. And although Highway 123 runs right through the area, the town has consistently been on a decline.  However,  because of a $113,000 grant from North Carolina Rural Economic Center, Hookerton is seeing progress in the upcoming development of the town.

Two older buildings have been restored, bringing in new businesses and securing 10 new jobs, which is encouraging.  Hookerton is a quaint town with a historical background that is to be appreciated.

Town of Walsontonburg…

The Town of Walstonburg was incorporated in 1908. The Town had another name before it officially became Walstonburg. The community, prior to the incorporation was known as Fieldsboro. Just as Walstonburg was named for Walston family, Fieldsboro was named for the Fields family.

Walstonburg is the only Town in Greene County that has a daily scheduled train running at the present time.   In addition, it is the only town on the East of the Mississippi that houses such a unique water tower.

On April 20, 1971 the Town of Walstonburg received the North Carolina’s Governor’s Award. From the incorporation until 1982 the Town’s operations and meetings took place in the back of a grocery store or in the Fire Station. The first full-time Town Clerk, Treasurer and Tax Collector was appointed in January 1982. Prior to this, Mr. Rouse was the Town Clerk, and held the position for 34 years. The first official Town Office was opened on Wilson Street in March of 1982.

Rumor has it that the heart of Walstonburg was once the site of a large pig pen. This has all changed and the Town of Walstonburg has been recognized as one of the cleanest, neatest Towns in North Carolina.